Monday, October 29, 2012

Justice League Cookies

Not too long ago the universe provided us with some Justice League Unlimited "Graham Snacks"...a.k.a. cookies.

They taste pretty good for only being 150 calories...essentially just like Teddy Grahams. Yes, I'm man enough to admit I've eaten and enjoyed Teddy Grahams. Not surprisingly, the shapes come in the form of the "big 3." Supergirl is also included. I guess they wanted to throw in another female character, but I think it really should have been Hawkgirl. Why not?

Top row (from left): Batman and a nearly unrecognizable Superman. Bottom row (from left): Supergirl, Wonder Woman and another odd choice, the JLU logo. Not nearly as recognizable as the bat logo or the super logo. Seems like a shame to leave out a fifth character just to have this. Martian Manhunter gets the shaft again.

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