Thursday, May 23, 2013

Iron Man 3 Fruit Snacks

Since the release of the first Iron Man movie I've been praying to the Super Hero Food Gods to deliver me a fresh box of Iron Man Cereal but three solo movies (and one team-up movie) later and I still do without.  The gods seem to be both fickle and cruel as they taunt me box after box of consolatory fruit snacks.  

So it's with dashed hopes and low blood sugar that I dive into the box of new Iron Man 3 Fruit Snacks:

This isn't Shell-Head's first foray into the fruit snack world (as seen HERE and HERE) but this is his first solo mission.  Let's see how it breaks down:

Looks like we've got the words "Iron Man", Iron Man flying, Iron Man's hand/repulsor, the Iron Man mask, the Avengers logo and the arc reactor.  Looks like, once again, the villain is snubbed.  No Pepper either. 

The Avengers logo (and probably the Iron Man mask) seem to be reused from the Avengers Fruit Snacks.  That's to be expected though.  At least Thor didn't horn in on this like he did with the Captain America Fruit Snacks.

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