Friday, August 9, 2013

Man of Steel Post Game

I've been holding off on cataloging the Man of Steel food tie-ins out of sheer optimism.  My hope was that my local stores immediately sold out of Super Frosted Krypto Krunch and Rainbow Zodsicles and, as such, marketers would double down on the amount of promotional super hero food they release for each franchise.

But apparently today is the day that I face reality and admit that pickings for the latest Superman movie are slim at best.  Other than a half-assed Twizzlers promotion here are the only things I found:

Two custom shaved ice flavors from Bahama Bucks:

And a selection of branded frozen pizzas at Walmart:

You may notice that these are similar to the Amazing Spider-Man and Avengers Pizzas from awhile back (which also were a bit of a letdown).  Oh well, on to the next blockbuster...

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