Friday, January 10, 2014


Summer is coming and with it comes the inevitable onslaught of super hero movies.  Some will be good.  Some will be bad.  Many will wisely choose to adapt their story into the media of the "fruit snack."  And the first fruit snacks of the year have arrived:

Unfortunately being the first doesn't necessarily make you the best as I'm forced to take umbrage with the lack of creativity with the shapes they chose, many of which are just repeats from the last Spider-Man movie's fruit snacks.

Despite the appearance of approximately 8,000 different villains in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, none of them made the cut and, as usual, Spidey has to pick up the slack.  Two poses, one face, two spider emblems and a web are all we get this go 'round.

If X-Men: Days of Future Past, with it's huge cast of characters, pulls this crap there will be whining!  This I swear.

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