Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Snack Time: Pizza & Punch

Sometimes I'll come across some super hero related food that is interesting but not quite interesting for its own blog entry. When that happen they get combined into a "Snack Time" entry.

When the Avengers movie was released on DVD, Walmart celebrated with a line of Avengers themed pizzas.  But other than having a character slapped on the box there was nothing particularly interesting about these (no flavor name changes, no Captain America shield pepperoni placement, etc.):

They did the same thing when The Amazing Spider-Man was released on DVD. Only Spidey and the Lizard showed up but you got multiple spider-poses:

This is been sitting on my desk for awhile now.  The the graphics on the Power Punch Freezer Pops box come on strong and it's great to see the Thing joining the party but when you open up the box you just get bland, unbranded sugar water:

Oh well.  Better luck next time I guess...

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