Thursday, December 20, 2012

World's Finest Gummie Pops

With all this talk of Avengers and Spider-Man and various Marvel brouhaha, it's easy to forget about their Distinguished Competition.  Sure there was also a Batman movie this year but it was woefully underrepresented at the grocery store.  That Dark Knight themed Mountain Dew just didn't cut it for me.  Every morning I would toss a beleaguered look toward its location in the soda cooler at 7-Eleven as I got my coffee but its siren song fell on deaf (or possibly lazy) ears.

A happier tune was sung by these squishy feeling Batman and Superman Gummie God, they're squishy!  I thought they were marshmallow pops at first since apparently those are the types of things that exist but no, these are fruity, HFCS filled squishtastic wonders firmly planted on a stick (and, as we all know, everything tastes better on a stick).

They with Fun Fact Cards for you to read as you chew.  The ones I got weren't breaking new ground but you never know.  They say every comic book is someone's first comic so maybe more candy should lay the foundation of knowledge for these franchises and include helpful tidbits about Jimmy Olsen and Ace the Bat-Hound.

Temporary tattoos are also included making these pops a bona fide multimedia experience.  They're your standard Batman and Superman logos and I learned that they are difficult to applied to a wiggly one year old.

But how do they taste, you ask?  Horrible.  To be fair, I don't eat a lot of candy and I'm probably not the target audience but the one bite of each that I had was enough to convince me that they weren't marshmallows.  I got an artificially fruity type flavor and and artificial existence type of texture.  Kind of like calamari but a thousand times more disturbing.

So I bit both of their faces off and never looked back.

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