Wednesday, February 26, 2014


There's a definitely a lot going on with this Batman bread bag.  It's got a 1966 date and a clear Adam West series influence.  Sadly the bread itself has gone wherever it is that super hero food goes after it's gone away.  That being said, there's still plenty of kookiness on this vintage bag to dissect.

The franchise has never been shy about being marketable and the bag shows off plenty of recognizable and lesser known Bat-stuff.  First off, the Penguin, Riddler, Batmobile and Batplane:

But some third stringers also get a little spotlight too, which is always nice to see. Somehow Calendarman, Cluemaster and Mr. Zero (who was later renamed Mr. Freeze) made the cut:

A lot of people might not remember the Terrible Trio.  They've shown up in a handful of comics but also made a nice appearance in an episode of Batman: The Animated series:

There's another unusual appearance that I can't quite place.  I'm not terribly familiar with "Caveman" but I wonder if he's not the same character who appeared in an episode of The Brave and the Bold?

Maybe this guy eventually turned into Vandal Savage.  I dunno.  Solving this guy's mystery is only of the many functions this bag is capable of .  For a complete rundown, check out the back:

If I were forced to pick two favorites I would pick "Wet clothing" and "Fresh Fish & Game".  I don't know why more food packaging doesn't have suggestions for additional uses.  Perhaps that's a theme we can bring back.

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