Wednesday, March 5, 2014

100 Percent Cotton

When you think of Batman, things like cotton candy rarely come to mind.  Until now, that is.  Batman Cotton Candy is now officially a thing.  For some reason you can find it in the Easter aisle:

One of the first things I noticed is that it says "25% More Free."  Now, to my understanding, this is a brand new product so it's not like it is "25 % More Than it Used to Be."  Could it possibly be "25% More Than We Originally Intended To Sell"?  Yet another Super Hero Food Mystery.

Once the bag is opened, the Batman theme ends and it's just your standard pink and blue cotton candy:

Not that there's anything wrong with regular cotton candy.  I would imagine that if it were the standard yellow/black Batman colors it would not be particularly appetizing.

And while this may be the first Batman Cotton Candy, it is most certainly not the first Super Hero Themed Cotton Candy.  Check out Hulk & Spidey Cotton Candy from a few years back:

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