Monday, February 22, 2016

Meat Marketing

Here's my theory on this:  I think Marvel got wind of the massive Bats v Supes promotional brouhaha and they decided to fight quantity with quality.  When you give the green light to superhero branded meat products you have opened the door to some next-level marketing warfare.  With that, we crack open a package of Avengers Turkey Sausage Sticks:

This one also has the virtue of being more inclusive of the bench warming team members.  In addition to the "Big 4" you also get Black Widow, Hawkeye and the Falcon.  Not enough artery clogging fun for you?  Good news, then!  You also get a villain!  Ultron joins the fray to turn snack time into ultimate battle time!

So wrap your head around this game changing nosh.  Barriers have been broken!  Doors have been opened!  Aquaman canned tuna?  Why not?  Hawkman chicken wings?  Let's give it a try!  Iron Man canned ham?  You bet!

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