Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Team Effort

The time has come for us to take a long hard look at Avengers Granola Bars.  Just in time for Civil War, these guys put Captain America front and center on the box.  He's definitely the star of the moment and it's his time to shine.

Of course the back of the box is fair game for entertainment.  They're forgoing the puzzle and game route in favor of the the old "cut out your own trading card" chestnut.  This box had the Hulk.  I searched the shelves to see what other characters were in the mix but it looks like the store only got the Hulk shipment.

I'm always tempted to cut these things out but, of course, I never do.  I like to think that lots of other people do though.  Years from now the things we've protected from sunlight and dust in the practice of keeping so called "collectibles" in perfect shape will be completely upstaged by the wonderment of the perfectly cut back-of-the-box trading card.  That's the world I want to live in.

Cap and Hulk are joined by the rest of the gang on the box and on the "Special Character Wrappers":

As usual, no Hawkeye. And the new kids (Scarlet Witch, the Vision, Ant-Man, etc) didn't make the cut either.  Looks like the lunch box bouncer has has very specific parameters when it comes to letting certain heroes behind the velvet rope.

UPDATE:  Looks like there's an Iron Man version of the box too.  Which is odd that they are "Avengers Bars" instead of "Civil War Bars":

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