Saturday, November 18, 2017

Fruit Troop


Remember when summer was when the big super hero movies flooded the cinemas?  I guess that still happens but now the fall is a contender too.  While the Hulk and Thor are bro-ing out in the MCU, the DCEU is still gasping along with their latest "this is a movie" movie: Justice League!

While the reviews aren't great, the film does have one thing that Thor: Ragnarok doesn't have:  Fruit Snacks!

Spoiler Warning: Superman is in the movie...but we all pretty much knew that already so this isn't a case of Kellogg's going "broken arrow" on the candy loving movie audience.  In a way, you have to admire the lack of any effort to conceal the Man of Steel's presence in the the film because even when you crack the box open, guess who's front and center:

I also can't help but notice who's not there.  It looks like Cyborg has taken over for Martian Manhunter in every way since J'onn usually got shafted on these type of endeavors as well.  But at least he gets his own gummy.  Let's see the chewy goodness:

Seven for seven, not bad.  They went the symbol route with everybody which is probably for the best.  I also appreciate that they didn't include a "Batman head" shape along with a "Batman symbol" shape at the expense of another character.  Very balanced...just the way a breakfast should be.

So when things look dark, overly bleak and with excessive amounts of CGI, just remember you can always find sweet relief in the grocery aisles. 

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