Thursday, April 10, 2014

Avengers Cookies Assemble!

Occasionally companies that market super hero licenses remember that kids like cookies.  It's a lot rarer than you would think.  In the grocery store we're tripping all over Super Hero Fruit Snacks but for some reason cookies are few and far between.  That's what makes these beauties so special:

Honey Maid Avengers chocolate cookies are now in our lives.  The other good news is that, much like the best old school cereal, the back of the box is fun-packed with fun-type fun activities:

Despite being not particularly difficult, I appreciate the extra effort.  And it doesn't stop there.  The side of the box includes hero bios.  This box had Captain America but I assume the other boxes had the rest of the team:

They also did a good job with their shapes.  We've got the Avengers logo, Cap's shield, the Iron Man mask and Hulk's fist (which is quickly becoming the new, international symbol of the Hulk):

All in all I'd call it a great effort and definitely a good way to pass the time while while for the next Avengers movie.

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